The Best Archery Ranches in the US

As an archery enthusiast, I know the joy of drawing a bow, the thrill of releasing an arrow, and the satisfaction of hitting the target.

But the experience is not just about the sport itself, it’s also about where you practice it.

Today, I’m going to share with you some of the best archery ranches in the US where you can hone your skills and enjoy this wonderful sport.

1. Straight Arrow BowHunters Range

Located in Redding, California, the Straight Arrow BowHunters Range is an iconic 65-acre archery range that has been around since 1968. It hosts the annual Western Classic Trail Shoot and the NFAA Marked 3-D National Championship, attracting archers from across the country.

2. Total Archery Challenge Ranges

With multiple locations across the United States, the Total Archery Challenge Ranges offer a unique three-day experience for archers of all skillsets. The locations of the ranges are beyond beautiful, ranging from states like Vermont, Utah, South Dakota, Michigan, and many others!

3. Usery Mountain Regional Park Range

Located in Mesa, Arizona, the Usery Mountain Regional Park Range is well known for its breathtaking landscapes and scenic hiking trails. The park also has a fantastic archery range and holds many events that attract people from all over the state.

4. San Francisco Archers Range

The San Francisco Archers Range, located in Pacifica, CA, is a historic place that has attracted thousands of archers from across the United States with their multitude of beautiful outdoor ranges.

5. Impact Archery Range

Impact Archery Range in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an elite indoor archery range employed with many professionals eager to teach archery. One of the main attractions is Archery Tag, where friends and family can play an energetic shooting game similar to paintball!

6. Cinnamon Creek Ranch Archery Range

Located in Roanoke, Texas, the Cinnamon Creek Ranch Archery Range is open seven days a week and perfect for all ages. This facility is home to two large outdoor ranges, three indoor ranges, and a variety of 3-D courses with targets up to 45 yards away.

7. Boneyard Archery Range

The Boneyard Archery Range in Madison, North Carolina, offers a fun archery range with a lot to offer their guests. The Boneyard has a live 3-D indoor range with a maximum shot of 50 yards and a live 3-D outdoor range with 20 targets.

8. Gotham Archery Range

Gotham Archery has a chain of ranges in the New York area. The locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan are indoor and designed for interested individuals living in the city that need a safe place to shoot.

9. WA-XO-BE Archers Inc. Range

Located in Monmouth Junction, NJ, the WA-XO-BE Archers Inc. Range is surrounded by beautiful trees and is definitely for East Coasters! It is in central New Jersey and home to a 5,000 square foot indoor range, which allows the range to stay open during the cold winter months.

10. Tampa Bay Sporting Clays Archery Range

Located in Land O Lakes, Florida, the Tampa Bay Sporting Clays Archery Range is well known for their archery range as well! They are home to a stationary course and a 3-D course.


The US is home to some of the best archery ranches in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned archer, these ranches offer a great place to practice, learn, and enjoy the sport of archery. So, grab your bow and arrows, and let’s hit the bullseye!

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